After the success of Infinite Horizons back in June, the next home-made Diversionary game we’re putting together is provisionally titled Doomsday.

Bringing the action back down to Earth, Doomsday sees the faithful followers of a dozen cults and conspiracies fighting police, governments and each other to bring about the end of the world.

And not just any old apocalypse. The right one. Their one.

You’ll need to carry out a range of villainous schemes if you’re going to make sure the world ends right. You’ll secure funds from bank robberies and ransoms; bribe (or brainwash) politicians and business figures; discover mystic rituals from long-forgotten tombs, or defy reason and the ethics board to flay back the boundaries of science; defy meddling superheroes, determined investigators and your own backstabbing lieutenants; manipulate the world’s press; and make terrible sacrifices of life, sanity, minions and small children…

…all to push the hands on the doomsday clock a minute closer to midnight.

The game’s still very much work-in-progress, but we just wanted to give you a taste of what you’ll get up to as one of its many competing factions.

Plotting and scheming

From summoning dread Cthulhu to instigating thermonuclear war or bringing about the Rapture, each faction has unique and individual plans for the end of the world.

Map, plots, security forces

You’ll advance your villainous agenda by deploying minions and spending precious resources to carry out various plots and schemes – sometimes these will directly serve your end-goal, other times you’ll act to stymie a rival faction or simply to secure the cash you need to continue the Great Work.

The wise villain favours the shadows, however. You can misdirect and deceive, using front organisations and plots within plots to obscure your true intentions. Only the bravest or most fanatical cultist works out in the open…

I fought the law

Because as well as your rival apocalyptians (definitely a word), you’ll be opposed at every turn by the do-gooding forces of everyday society… which is inexplicably reluctant to be ended.

The world is crawling with police, investigative journalists, consulting detectives and masked vigilantes – all of whom are hungry for glory.

Heroes These roving threats will move around the map, hunting for schemes to be foiled and minions to beat up. The more overt you are in your villainy, the more likely that some costumed idiot will rock up and ruin everything. Everything!


One of the most powerful tools at your disposal is the global media, and its never-ending hunger for news. News

Spread a story, quash bad news, spin a story to suit your agenda – you’ll need to know how to play the PR game, or you may find yourself exposed to the harsh attentions of the security services… and the harsher spotlight of public opinion. Vicious, fickle and utterly without mercy, the public are just awful.

They’ve got to go.

So hard to find good people these days

Recruiting for a secret organisation that wants to bring about the end of the world isn’t easy. It requires a keen eye for talent, the persuasive skills (or fat bribes) to bring them onside, and an iron fist to keep your misguided competitors from getting there first.

Through persuasion, manipulation or bribery, you’ll add talented personnel to your apocalyptic efforts… or develop a sense of bitter injustice that you got beaten to the most useful pawns.

Most common or garden minions are made up of thugs and lowlives, whose only real area of specialty is an underdeveloped sense of right and wrong. Above them you have the useful people – blinkered researchers, embittered civil servants in useful places, sympathetic journalists and community organisers – the middle-management of doomsday cults.

Lastly, and most precious of all, are the stars of the show. High-level politicians, influential CEOs, newspaper editors, celebrities and crimelords… The very best henchpersons offer a unique set of benefits, but to bring them around to your way of thinking – and keep them there – you’ll need serious leverage. Whether it’s blackmail material, threats to their loved ones, brainwashing or really persuasive persuasion – or that old standby, bags and bags of cash – you’re going to have to really work to make them yours. And work even harder to keep them.

Mapping the path to Armageddon

Your preferred apocalypse might be technological, mystical or socio-political, but whatever it is you’re going to need to know what you’re doing. If it was that easy to bring about the end of the world, everyone would be doing it.


Your researchers will uncover the hidden knowledge, political shatterpoints, arcane secrets or forbidden technology you need to achieve the right kind of doomsday… but only if you give them the resources they need. Otherwise who knows what the end of the world will look like…

Your taste of the end of the world

So that’s Doomsday in a blogshell – hope you like the flavour. As the game develops we’ll post a few more teasers here and there, going into a little more depth and fleshing out the various factions – and eventually we’ll probably want playtesters to give the various minigame mechanics a thorough workout.

If you’d like to know more as it happens, or want to register your early interest, just drop us an email at address and we’ll keep you up to date. And definitely won’t add your name to our pool of useful minions…