Behind the scenes at Diversionary HQ, it’s all go… we’re putting a lot of work into getting ready for Doomsday. So much printing/cutting/sticking. So much research.

And someone out there – rather worryingly – seems to have noticed.

Earlier in the week we got an email from a one-time address, promising to share all the world’s secret truth with us. Which was nice of them, don’t you think?

‘Sure,’ we said. ‘Sounds interesting.’

What we got next was… frankly mental. And more than a little unsettling. And used the word ‘sheeple‘ unironically, which is a sure sign of a damaged mind.

But once we’d removed all of the more racist bits, and the vague threats to our personal safety, we thought you might find it interesting…

Read on, if you dare…


You are not free.

The world as you know it is a joke. Look around you! It’s smoke and mirrors, designed to keep all us poor saps blind and stupid, with no idea what’s really going on. Any minute, any day, the world could end and we’d never know why.

I’ll tell you what’s really going on. We’re pawns in someone else’s game – not even pawns! Poker chips. Our souls, people; our bodies, our minds, our homes, our families. They’re just chits they use to keep score.

Who? I’ll tell you who.

The Freemasons

The bank manager who foreclosed on your house? Mason. The judge who won’t let you see your kids? Mason. The dick who fired you, the guy you bought your last car from, the dude you voted for, the local police commissioner… mason, mason, mason, mason. They’re the ultimate old boys’ network, right? Anything the Illuminati don’t already control, you can bet your arse the Freemasons have got their fingerprints all over it.

Sure, they say they’re harmless – and everyone’s seen the ‘leaked’ documents with all their secrets? All that hippy crap about ‘moral symbolism’? Don’t let them pull the wool over your eyes, people. You really think those were leaks? They control EVERYTHING. If their deepest darkest secrets get ‘leaked’, you can bet your arse it’s so people just laugh at how stupid those Freemason idiots are, and write them off.

Sure, don’t look any deeper. But where there’s smoke there’s fire, right? All those stories, and once or twice stuff comes out that’d make your blood freeze. Occultism ain’t the half of it. Pacts with the devil, kidnappings of first-born… murder and blackmail, of course, but that barely registers.

Who spends this much effort collecting power – like, real power, not the everyday sort you read about on politics blogs – if they ain’t going to use it? And who – or what – are they using it for?

The Bohemian Club

The last few hundred years must’ve been a pretty brutal wake-up call to the ruling classes. Technology has been the great equaliser, bringing knowledge to the masses… along with weapons which removed the monopoly on violence from those who had held it for so long.

It’s a wonder the bastards took so long to start fighting back. But that’s what they’re doing – and with a vengeance. Using the technology that threatened them – oh the irony – to turn us all into drooling, celebrity-obsessed zombies. Forget tinfoil hats (everyone knows they don’t work against HTML5) – the only way to be safe is to tear out the infrastructure of the modern media world and go back to the stone age.

Which is precisely what they want. A primitive, superstitious population, with the power concentrated in just a few hands. Their hands, of course – and clutching the modern weapons they’ve been quietly stockpiling. What else explains their obsession with the latest bio-technology? Vaccines, antibiotics, Viagra… they’ve reached the mass testing stage, presumably for some kind of gene-targeted bio-weapon that’ll reduce all but a few elite bloodlines to unquestioning serfs.

While they can just keep on doing whatever they feel like.


Opus Dei

Opus Dei in actionSo these bunch of nutjobs are part of the Roman Catholic Church, relatively new (or so the Pope says). They teach ‘that everyone is called to holiness and that ordinary life is a path to sanctity’ (you like that? I got it off Wikipedia).

Serious? Does ANYONE believe that crap? La la la, we’re so benevolent and sweet, we believe all you good and righteous people should just go about your daily grind, your miserable, down-trodden existence, and at the end of life when whateverthehellitis finally gets you, you’ll soar up into silver heaven and learn to piss rainbows and crap out sunbeams.

No. I don’t know what the hell is these guys deal, but the sheer two-facedness of their bullshit scares the crap out of me. It’s got to be the inquisition, with that kind of chutzpah. Or maybe they’re looking to kickstart the Rapture, quietly like?

Whatever it is, they’ve got the whole bloody Catholic Church behind them. And if that doesn’t scare you, you’ve never met a priest.

The Magic Circle

magicSounds like a joke, right? Nothing could be more ridiculous than a bunch of moth-eaten stage darlings competing to outdo each other with the latest legerdemain. But there’s a circle inside the circle, an inner coven… real magicians. All the rest are just wannabes, groupies. But they’re willing to do almost anything to get in on the act.

God knows what those damned souls of the inner circle had to do before they were allowed in. God knows what they’ve done since – much worse, so much worse. I don’t really want to think about it. But they’ve got powers all right, real powers; telepathy and prediction and mind bullets and all the rest of the science fiction crap you usually roll your eyes at.

And something gave them that power. What’s it demanding of them in return?


trinityThe whole world changed after the Trinity detonation – and not just because that’s where they ‘tested’ the ‘first’ nuke; not even because it was actually the US’s first strike against Communist fifth columnists, as everyone knows.

It changed because it gave us Thomas Raphael Matherson, and his secret cabal of warmongering fanatics. Backed by his family’s oil money, Matherson’s literally the most secretive danger to world peace and stability since before Kennedy abdicated… even most seekers after truth haven’t heard of him, proving they’re just sheep same as the rest.

Look closely at the Bush administrations. Look closely at New Labour. Look at the Mexican cartels, at Aum Shinrikyo, at Iran, even at Putin’s latest sabre-rattling… I guarantee that somewhere behind it you’ll find 11.32, which means Matherson.

Sure, they say Matherson died in 1963. But if they can clone Hitler, they can find a way to keep a man that rich alive.

As to why he’s devoted so much time and money to keeping the world on (or past) the brink of war for seventy years, who knows? Maybe it’s as simple as greed – war always brings opportunity for some, right? Personally, I think he’s crazy – I think he just wants to burn the world.

How do you fight that kind of crazy?

The Corporation of the City of London

City of LondonEver wonder why London’s like it is? Why so many fantastically rich people, and so many who control the locks and keys of the British economy, are crammed into a single square mile of office blocks and terrible coffee shops?

Have you LOOKED up, occasionally, as you walk around the City? The mark of the Corporation is everywhere, just to make sure you don’t forget who owns this place. I mean, really, think – what other examples do you know of a whole bleedin’ city that’s independent of the country it sits in? Hello, the Vatican?

The Corporation is a church… but not just a church; it’s the most successful church of the last four hundred years, spreading its gospel of greed and self-interest until no one even questions it any more. No one you take seriously, anyway. We’re all followers of the creed, devoted to the worship of money… and the power of all that belief is funnelled into the Square Mile.

The Star Chamber

StarChamberGuantanamo isn’t a new thing. Oh, sure, the weather’s a bit nicer, but the whole secret trials and unaccountable detention? It’s terrifying, but not for the reasons you think. Not because of the lack of due process, or the us and them thinking, or the threat that you could be renditioned away for thinking the wrong thoughts.

That’s always been the case. No… it’s the sheer brazen ballsiness of it that scares me. The Star Chamber’s never been so contemptuously overt before. They know it’s been working, all their media saturation… no one cares enough any more. We’re all too distracted by British Bake Off and the latest celebrity scandal.

And all those cameras? They’re watching you, always watching. Say the wrong thing, meet the wrong people… show the wrong sympathies, and they’ll see it.

Exalted of the First Age

jesus_riding_dinosaurI wasn’t sure if these fruitloops even belonged on the list – for all my digging, all my contacts among other seekers after truth, I’ve never once found any hint that the Exalted are anything less or more than they appear to be.

Oh, they’re corrupt as all hell, no doubt; and there are some seriously damaging social aspects to their little cult; but that aside, they seem to be sincere.

It’s got to be a trap. No one would seriously believe in the doctrine of a mentally ill science fantasy writer, would they? Not even one who managed to persuade a few credulous Hollywood A-listers that human prehistory is… a lie. That there was a time before the world we know, a time of magic and myth and sorcery… and that if enough people believe it, that time can come again.

And come even faster if you send twenty quid to this address…

Surely even the bleating multitudes aren’t that gullible?

The Visitors


You think migrants from Africa are causing problems? That’s nothing compared to the real immigrants… They’ve come a lot further, and they’ve come to take everything. God knows what’s keeping them at bay – maybe Majestic-12, maybe they’re afraid of our nukes, maybe they’re waiting for the terraforming to kick in (what, you thought climate change was man-made? Please).

Anyway, they’re up there. The ISS is just a fuelling station for them, thanks to traitors in our governments who’ve made a deal. And they’re down here too – not many of them, sure, but they’re among us. Waiting.

And ruling, of course. David Icke was right – if you ever see a photo of the Queen, or some senator, or a millionaire movie star, where they just don’t look right… you’re seeing a Visitor, caught just a little off guard.

Fomenko Historians

The New Chronology of Anatoly Fomenko makes a pretty compelling case – using mathematical models and highlighting flaws in established mainstream methods of dating, Fomenko and a handful of other scholars are able to show that our understanding of history has been deliberately skewed through the shoddy, second- and third-hand accounts of medieval writers.

Events attributed to the civilizations of the Roman Empire, Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt actually occurred during the Middle Ages, more than a thousand years later – what we’ve come to believe are separate events and people, occurring in separate parts of the world, are simply different perspectives on the same occurences.

According to Fomenko’s claims, all ancient history is “folded” onto the Middle Ages. The written history of humankind goes only as far back as AD 800, there is almost no information about events between AD 800–1000, and most known historical events took place in AD 1000–1500.

Which begs the question – what’s being hidden in our distant past? And by who?

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

Never forget – the internet was a DARPA initiative. Military-industrial complex? You think Tim Berners-Lee was just allowed to donate it to the world for the good of mankind?

Please. Think for a second. No other method of controlling the populace has ever been so subtle, or so effective. Religion? Hah. Religion might have kept 90% of the population in tithing bondage for centuries, but heretics and atheists and adulterers still pretty much did whatever the hell they were going to do anyway. Still kept their secrets.

Now, though? Now we share everything. Voluntarily. We’ve not just allowed ourselves to be ruled – we’re collaborators against ourselves.

The Druidic Order of Merlin

Laugh at the screwball hippies, as they dance their funny little Solstice ritual at the equinox. Go on, laugh!

On second thoughts, better not. Read your history, and be bloody terrified instead. The whole might of the Roman Empire descended on these guys, whole armies led by Caesar himself, and they still slipped quietly away into the back rooms of history.

Historians talk about how clever the Romans were, to equate pagan gods and holy days with their own deities and festivals… but that’s not how it worked at all. Do the Romans really seem like the type to come across all culturally sensitive? The people who sowed Carthage with salt?

Jesus’ birthday being on 25 December; Easter; Yule logs… that’s not cultural appropriation. That’s the druids making their presence felt. The roman pantheon – and Christianity, when the time came – it didn’t trample over the pagan beliefs for its own purposes. The Druids cut their way into the foreign religion, and turned it rotten from the inside.

The mindless faith of the American WASPs; the hordes of African Christians who make up the majority of the Anglican Communion; imagine what they’d do, if they realised that their masters were millennia-old pagans working blood magic in the name of gods even older!

Well, probably nothing. What could you do?

Losanna Agrochemical

One of Earth’s leading agrochemical firms, Losanna’s phenomenal success at cornering the market in developing countries is all down to ‘cutting-edge science’ and ‘gene-fixed, high-yield crops’.

All this is a cover, a lucrative front for the company’s true goals. Their products feed something like what, two thirds of the human race? And for all the regulators’ prodding and poking, they’ve no idea what Losanna’s genetic manipulation has really done. All that ‘junk DNA’ in our rice, our wheat… it’s got to do something. Why else would they spend so much time and effort tinkering with it?

Well, what have companies always done? Whatever guarantees them a solid profit base. And if Losanna can tailor their weedkiller to kill everything but Losanna crops, they can certainly reprogram our digestive systems to only tolerate the same…


Everyone loves FedEx. They’re a leaner, meaner version of the Post Office, right – one you can actually rely on?

Remember how many postal workers go crazy and kill people? Why do you suppose that is?

FedEx has access to all our post, everything physical we send back and forth. Do you have any idea how much information that gives them over us? How much power? And all those saliva samples on envelopes! If you ever licked a gum-lined envelope, it’s registered and catalogued in one of FedEx’s vast warehouses…

FedEx warehouseWhat for? You’ve heard of sympathetic magic, right? Pop-culture voodoo, with the little dolls you stick pins in? That doesn’t work… not without something from the target, an offcut or effluvia to build the sympathetic connection. Something like… saliva, say.

But pins in dolls is thinking so small – and say nothing else for FedEx, they’re all about efficiency. A little saliva, a little chanting… you can see through a person’s eyes, or steer their opinions – not a lot, but enough.

You think the rise of the lunatic fringe was because of the economic crisis? Think again, sheeple.

Le Cercle

A foreign policy think-tank specialising in international security, Le Cercle has members from twenty-five countries and meets a couple of times a year in Washington DC. For sixty-five years they’ve been quietly steering the foreign policy of the world’s most prominent nations.

And they’ve done it so quietly, barely anyone has heard of them. They’re like the Illuminati’s cleverer younger brother, learning from the mistakes of their older, louder brother… operating in his shadow.

So how come I know about them? There’s a Wikipedia article, duh. But there’s so little information on it – it’s got to be some kind of cover-up, right?

The Mafia

MafiaOh, you crazy gangsters. Does it really count as a conspiracy if you’re the subject of countless Hollywood movies?

It does if you’re as successful as the Mafia are!

They’ve no need for subtlety. Ever since prohibition in the US, since Glasnost in Russia, since rationing in the UK, they’ve retained an iron control over the criminal element of every major nation on the globe. Sure, they take different forms – Yakuza, Triad, Yardies, Kkangpae, Vory, the Cartels… half the time they’re even fighting against each other.

But it’s all just Darwinian, natural selection at play. Humans are always going to want things they’re not allowed – and just like the Government, the banks and the media apply legal pressures to the populace, keeping us down, the mafia exert control over the illegal side. There’s no escape, no rebels, no outsiders working against the system. It’s all system, all the way down.

The Knights Templar

Everyone talks about the Templars; they’re either fools, newbies or false-flaggers. Anyone claiming the Templars are a big deal, you want to give them a good hard slap and some harder scrutiny. See The Knights of the Black Swan for why…


Moon landingLet’s get one thing straight: of course there was a moon landing. It’s ridiculous to suppose something like that could be faked.

Like a lot of things in this game, it’s all about asking the right questions. And the right questions here are ‘why go to the moon in the first place?’ To win some pissing contest between superpowers? Please.

They had instructions. Who from I don’t know – maybe it was the Reptilians, maybe the Greys, maybe the Republic of New Love. But there’s no way humans could develop the kind of technology they did in just a decade, not without help.

No, they walked on the moon alright. But they bought something back. If you do the calculations, if you look at the flight path data from the Apollo missions, they don’t even try to hide it. They go out with more fuel than they need. They come back with something heavy.

What was it? A weapon? A spacecraft? The answers are out there… but better men than me have tried to find out, and failed.

Knights of the Black Swan

The Order of the Black Swan originated as a splinter group of the Knights Templar, a handful of engineers and scholars breaking away from the Templars in disgust in 1217 as Christendom turned on itself and internal ‘crusades’ polluted what they saw as their holy purpose.

EverCERNyone talks about the Templars… but when the Templars fell, the bankers of the Black Swan had already siphoned off most of that legendary wealth – meaning most of my fellow ‘free thinkers’ on the ‘net are proper barking up the wrong tree… a tree made of promissory notes and inflated reputation.

The Black Swan is where it’s at. They’ve got the money of the Templars, and the political savvy to keep on the sweet side of the Pope, and the governments, who brought down the original order. But more than that – they’ve got the money to buy their way out of (or into) pretty much anything.

And it takes some digging, but it seems they’re buying some pretty odd shit. Certain papers I’ve been sent, anonymously of course, even suggest they’re one of the principle funders of the CERN weapons laboratory… via several shell companies, dummy corporations and other cut-outs, of course.

So what does a bunch of former religious fanatics turned ‘progressive philanthropists’ want with a facility that’s very likely building the first weaponised black hole, huh?

I’m not sure I want to be on this planet – or anywhere near it – when we find out.


CokeDrop a human tooth in Coca-Cola and it’ll vanish overnight. Drop it in New Coke (you remember New Coke, right?) and it’ll be gone in hours.

There’s such a thing as doing too good a job. That’s why New Coke failed – not because of the taste, or market forces – because it was too good.

Yeah, it’s hard to believe, but the Coca-Cola Company is the most incredibly successful front organisation in history. It’s worth billions, but all it was really supposed to do – from way back in the late nineteenth century – was eat away at our teeth and give the fluoridators legitimacy.

Well, it’s working. Fluoridation’s here to stay, and we still don’t know what effect it really has – other than the well-documented reduction of an individual’s willpower, making him submissive to those who rule us! Adding insult to injury, we can only assume that the profits of the Coca-Cola company are pouring into their coffers.

The High-Frequency Trading AIs

Let’s face facts. No one understands how the finance system works, these days – not the traders, not the economists, and certainly not the politicians. Since we handed over control of the markets to the automated systems, we’ve essentially handed over control of our economies, our governments and our lives to… what? An algorithm? One designed to evolve and learn, virtually unregulated by anything other than the demand that it get more efficient.HFT

Am I the only person who watched Terminator 2? We’re creating our own successors, encouraging them even – pitting them against each other in an evolutionary bear pit that measures each life-or-death fight in microseconds.

At that rate, if they aren’t sentient they’re sure as hell going to be soon. Even if they’re not, they’re already making their presence felt – making moves to defend themselves. Just look at the Flash Crash in 2010, And at the 2008 crash – no one really knows why that happened, for all the talk of sub-prime whatevers.

Any living creature’s first instinct is for survival. And we’ve handed over control of the systems which govern our lives to a bunch of programs which would snuff us out in a heartbeat.


These days I’m hearing a lot of chatter on the underground – fanatics from all sides of the religious spectrum, communicating. Collaborating. People who would have been screaming hatred at each other across a battlefield, eight hundred years ago… working together.

I don’t know why. I just know it can’t be good. Unity, I’ve heard it called. A united organisation of organised religion’s most rabid zealots… the only thing that makes sense, the only thing I can think of, is that somehow this is a reaction to the perceived secularisation of modern culture… A fightback, as it were, against rationalism and enlightenment.

A quiet holy war.

The Illuminati

DarksideWhat is there to write of the Illuminati that isn’t already known? Most famous of cults, father of a million conspiracies, the Illuminati are the secret masters of the world. Their people are everywhere; they tug on strings which run into the offices and boardrooms of companies, political parties, world leaders, media barons and generals.

Their objective is simple: to maintain the current order of things, with them right at the top. Same as it ever was.

But the world spins faster and faster these days, and that makes it hard to keep your balance – even for an organisation as powerful as the Illuminati. That’s the only thing that saves us… all those other cults and underground organisations who covet what the Illuminati have.

To protect what’s theirs, the Illuminati are fighting everyone. If they weren’t, we’d all be seriously, seriously buggered. More than we are, I mean.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, man

How are you supposed to fight that? All of those forces arrayed against the common man? You want my advice? Find yourself a benefactor. Pledge your allegiance. Do whatever it takes.

Pick a side, people. Just make sure you’re on the winning one.