We’re currently organising the Southampton arm of Urban Nightmare a Wide Area Megagame where multiple venues across the UK, Europe the States and Canada  will be simultaneously trying to defend their state from the Zombie hordes…  Sign up now for the 1st July game!

Our other games include AftermathInfinite Horizons and Doomsday. Ever wondered what you would do if humanity had to start again? Aftermath puts you in the shoes of one of the survivors of a global catastrophe. Set in a sci-fi future that’s all too familiar, Infinite Horizons explores the development of a new human colony on the far-flung world of Niwa. Have you got what it takes to lead humanity’s first space colony in its early years? Doomsday is a game of conspiracy, paranoia and inevitable armageddon. It’s the end of the world… but someone needs to make sure it ends right.

Past games we’ve run have included Watch the Skies, designed by the godfather of Megagames, Jim Wallman. Find out more about him and the Megagame Makers at megagame-makers.org.uk