Infinite Horizons

A megagame of cooperation, colonisation and greed.

Now on its 4th iteration this game has explored how humanity might work together to overcome historic rivalries, then needs of Earths survivel and local issues. Soon we hope to have it in a print and play format so everyone can enjoy the pleasures of Niwa. 

Set in a sci-fi future that’s all too familiar, Infinite Horizons explores the development of a new human colony on a far-flung world – the untouched paradise we’ve come to call Niwa.

Teams of 4 players will each represent one of the nine major factions, and take a key role in shaping the civic, industrial and political development of the colony during those vital first few years. You’ll react to new challenges and strive to overcome both external and internal threats, balancing the interests of the colony with those of your sponsor back on Earth.

During the course of the game, you will explore how humanity can overcome its differences and work together to achieve great things… and how ambition, greed, nationalism and self-interest can undermine even the best intentions.

Is it possible to balance the two? Could a mission of such grand scale bring people of all nations, creeds and corporations together… or in the end, will it be just another tool in the struggle for power?

If a satellite colony can survive the first 3-4 years, then its probability of continued survival, and even prosperity, increases dramatically.
Humanity’s Hope, Professor Albert Stross.

Each player will represent one of the colony’s leading voices… but nobody got onto this mission without support from the major backers of the project.

Three major alliances of Earth governments were involved in funding the colony project, and the sponsors expect a return on their investment. Six further powers, smaller but still very influential, also contributed – their interests are more focused on specific areas such as science, mining and industry. They too expect to see results.