The game comprises four main elements: politics, exploration, growth and trade.


The political game is focused on how the settlement’s leaders react to and deal with crises, as well as how they use their influence and power to steer the colony’s development in a direction that benefits their faction. Each faction will have a political representative, and the colony will vote on positions within the government.

Some positions come with greater power, such as the security or economic minister, but that power should be wielded lightly; abuse of your position is unlikely to gain you any favours, nor secure your future.


The exploration game is based around the discovery and exploitation of the new world’s recourses. Each faction must race to claim land and block others’ access to valuable materials, to build vital infrastructure while not overstretching.

Survey teams loyal to each faction will spread across Niwa, searching the new world looking for the rare materials and scientific discoveries Earth desperately requires… as well as the more mundane materials needed to keep the colony alive.

Engineering groups will be needed to build and maintain the infrastructure needed to tap into these resources. Finally, security forces will help protect each faction’s assets from threats… and from each other.


It is not enough for the colony to simply survive – for humanity to stand a chance, the colony must grow and flourish. The growth game will focus on the development of the colony itself: the construction and development of habitats, industry, support functions and other vital infrastructure.

For the colony to expand, all its many factions will need to work together – a noble goal which at times may run counter to the needs of individual factions. As the colony grows, factions may rise and fall, alliances may shift, altering the balance of power.

Success requires hard choices… and perhaps more importantly, it requires resources – whether materials, people or hard cash.


Ravaged by consumerism and overcrowding, Earth is on the brink. Niwa is its last remaining hope – and it demands repayment on its investment.

As factions claim land, producing first raw materials, then refined materials, then turning those materials into finished goods, they will have to meet the needs of both the colony itself and of Earth’s ever-hungry populace.

Trading resources with rival factions, meeting your quotas for shipment back to Earth, and desperately trying to ensure that something remains to benefit the colony itself… that is the core of the trade game.